What is the omicron variant symptoms?

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As with previous variants Omicron can cause fatigue or excess fatigue. Omicron's victims always feel tired. Even if he doesn't work hard, he is tired and always wants to rest. If you also start feeling tired without any reason, then you must get a checkup from a doctor.According to South African doctor, Angelique Kotzi, the sore throat felt like people infected with Omicron complained of "scratching" instead of sore throat, which is an unusual thing. In such a situation it can be said that the sore throat increases so much that it starts feeling like a sore throat. It also increases the sore throat. 

Mild fever

Mild to moderate fever is one of the reported symptoms of Covid-19 since the introduction of the coronavirus, but the fever at Omicron is mild and can last for several days. High fever cases are rare. In Omicron, the body temperature continues to rise for several days. 

Night sweats and body aches

Dr. Anben Peel of the South African Department of Health describes the symptoms seen in Omicron patients. He said that sweating at night is also a symptom of this disease. The most surprising thing is that a person suffering from this disease sweats even if he sleeps in an AC or in a cold place.

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Omicron variants show mild symptoms 

According to health experts, only mild to moderate symptoms are seen in a person infected with Omicron. For this reason it is proving difficult to identify it. This includes the problem of excessive fatigue and weakness. More than 30 mutations have been found in its variants, which are showing mild to moderate symptoms. It is easily infecting those people who have already had corona. Those whose vaccinations have not been completed can also be at risk from this.

Sore throat 

Let us tell you that in the Omicron variant, many people are facing the problem of sore throat. The problem of scratchy throat is also being seen in many people. It can also turn into severe pain in the throat. Along with this, some patients also get severe dry cough. Even after doing a lot, the cough of many people is not getting right. 

Excessive sweating at night 

Omicron was first detected in South Africa. According to the health department there, excessive night sweating is a common problem among Omicron infected. It has been seen in some patients that some patients sweat so much that all their clothes become wet. Along with this, there is a problem of severe pain in their body.