Samsung Galaxy S10

Created 2 years ago

How to factory reset a samsung galaxy s10

Learn how to factory reset your Samsung Galaxy S10 with this comprehensive guide. Discover the necessary steps to reset your device to its original factory settings, including precautions to back up your data. Follow our instructions to ensure a successful reset process and regain a fresh start on your Samsung Galaxy S10.
asked 07 Nov 2021 . by anonymous

How to split screen on samsung galaxy s10?

The split-screen feature on the Samsung Galaxy S10 allows you to multitask by using two apps simultaneously on the same screen. With this feature, you can browse the web while watching a video, reply to emails while referencing a document, or chat with friends while reading an article. In this question, we'll explore how to enable and utilize the split-screen feature on a Samsung Galaxy S10, providing you with a convenient way to boost your productivity and efficiency on your device.
asked 07 Nov 2021 . by anonymous